Why buy Flower Sack Towels?

Let's start with what is a Flour Sack Towel. 


A Little History...

Flour Sack Towels are as Americana as Apple Pie and Baseball. They are the towels our grandmothers/great-grandmothers here in America would have used between the years of 1850 & 1950.

Back then, flour and other dry goods were sold almost exclusively in sturdy 100% cotton bags. These bags were called Flour Sacks and during these frugal times, were quickly re-purposed for a number of household needs. Our resourceful grandmas would have made curtains, towels, dolls, and even their dresses out of these soft weave cottons.  These towels quickly became collectable.

Present Day...

The towels I have created for you are of course not from the 1800's, but are of the same weave.  They are very soft 100% cotton, lint free and of a generous size.  You will be amazed at how absorbent they are when drying dishes.  I truly hope you enjoy your new towels.  - Anita

The Many Uses...

  • as a hostess gift
  • drying long stem glassware
  • lining a bread basket
  • proofing dough
  • lining kitchen and refrigerator drawers
  • drying dishes
  • kitchen decor
  • wrapping wine & champagne bottles
  • polishing
  • any food preparation use - lint free


Available as Singles or in Boxed Sets of Two (2)

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