Country Home City Home - The Why...


Now WHY should a lady my age, a retired teacher,  a successful business owner,  an avid gardener, and a dedicated cook, decide to create a food blog in her limited spare time?  I mean really,  quite honestly there are already hundreds of amazing food blogs on the web? Is it because she has secretly always wanted to own an Italian restaurant or work as a chef like 3 of her uncles and her grandmother. Maybe it is because she loves to cook, bake and throw dinner parties for as many guests as she can fit through the door. If you guessed any of those ideas, you would be partly correct.  But... the real reason is that she - I should say I,  have found a mission that I become more passionate about each passing day - and that is to teach and help busy young people, young professionals & young entrepreneurs how to find joy in preparing light, healthy and quick meals in their own homes. I want to share my insights, passions, knowledge and experience about food with the young, many of whom have been busy building careers, going to college, working 2 or more jobs to pay off student loans or raising babies along with all of the above.

My goal is to inspire, educate and share my recipes with as much detailed narrative, photos and video as possible to let everyone meet with success. Over the next several weeks, you'll probably decide whether this blog is a good fit for you. It's important for you to know I am not a chef and have had no formal cooking training, BUT,  I have had over 40 years of experience in the kitchen, cooking, baking, creating, experimenting. I am also not a nutritionist, but I will share recipes that I believe to be both delicious and nutritious.

I'll close today's post with a quote from the famous French chef Julia Child.

 "Learn how to cook - try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun."

Sounds about right. We will be fearless together, and we will definitely have fun!  -Anita

Anita Sinisgalli