Cooking With Garlic


A Little Background:

Garlic is delicious and medicinal all in one and has been used throughout history in all civilizations.  I personally cannot imagine cooking without this unique member of the onion family.  I recently took a class to learn even more about this amazing plant.  I've personally grown garlic for years but with limited success, and now, with some tips from a local organic garlic grower, I will try again next month to plant my best crop ever.  I'll be sure to share everything with you.  No matter where you live - Country Home or City Home, you can grow garlic. Stay tuned in October - Natalie & I will show you how!

Now, on to cooking with Garlic.  Garlic demands your respect! - You've probably already heard at some point not to let your garlic burn - mainly because it will make bitter anything you are adding it to, but also because burnt anything is not good for you.  So, how can you avoid burning your garlic.  Well, here are a few things you can do. 

Garlic Tip #1:  If you need to cook your garlic in a little olive oil, make certain to slice your garlic evenly with each piece a uniform size so it all cooks at the same time.  You are looking for a golden color not brown.  If some of your pieces are smaller than the others, they will cook faster and begin to burn before the rest. You will then need to remove them quickly and that's too much time and mess.  Just remember to cut them the same size.  If you end up with some pieces smaller or larger - save them for your salad dressing. Also, if you are just looking to flavor your oil for a recipe and you do not want chunks of garlic or too strong of a garlic taste, just remove the pieces after they have cooked.  The oil will have captured it's flavor.  You can also add fresh rosemary or sage for an amazing oil.

Garlic Tip #2:  Keep your heat down and don't add your garlic as your first ingredient unless of course - it is your only ingredient!  Saute your onions or other vegetables first and then add your garlic slices.  The moisture from the other ingredients will protect your garlic.  

Garlic Tip #3:  For Roasted Garlic - You can slowly roast your entire garlic heads in the oven at a low temp   (250-300 degrees F).  Just slice about 1/4" off the top of each head and place in an oven safe dish or cookie sheet for about 30 minutes.  Sometimes I serve these roasted garlic heads with my antipasto.


   Check back for more garlic info and facts. Be fearless - have fun!   - Anita